Fun Wine questions

Why the name “Friends Fun Wine”?
We believe that life is fun and the world is your playground. And there is nothing more fun than “playing” with your friends. Friends Fun Wine is the drink for gatherings, conversations, dancing and adventures – outdoors, indoors, at day light or night time. The low alcohol makes it easy for the party to last longer without hangovers, over drinking, and drunk texting that can ruin relationships. Keep your party, and friendships last longer – keep the FUN going!

Why in a can?
We want you to be able to take FUN wherever you go, on the go. Glass containers and plastic cups take the fun out of drinking, and often force you to keep the container at home. Fun in a can makes it easy for you to enjoy Fun Wine wherever you are. It’s recyclable and easy to carry, light weight and stylish so you can be proud to take it out on the town or to the beach, boat, pool or house party.

Does it affect the taste?
Friends Fun Wine has a protective interior coating that helps preserve the flavor and aroma, so there is no sacrifice to the taste. If anything, when you Pop A Can, you can smell the FUN as it hits your lips.

Why Fun Wine?
Fun Wine is the only low alcohol, low calorie, affordable, flavored wine drink in a can right now in the market place. It is un-comparable to any other drink in the industry. See so for yourself (check marks comp chart)

How did the idea for the world’s first coffee wine come to life?
Coffee flavored wines have been on Joe Peleg’s mind, the founder and CEO, for over a year. Once he decided to go ahead and develop the flavors, it took 2 additional years of tasting, testing and mixing for the perfect aroma and flavor.

Does the world’s first coffee wine has caffeine in it?
No, it doesn’t because for health reasons it’s not a good idea to combine the two.

What’s next in flavors?
Our minds are always spinning with new ideas, but we welcome you to suggest and vote on our Next Fun Flavor by submitting your idea here

Where can I find it?
Our locations page should help, and if you can find it than bring it to your town. Let us know where you live and what stores you shop at and we will do the rest! Email with requests.