7 Tips for the Perfect Girls Night In


1) Music, lots of music!
From Spice Girls to Backstreet Boys, nothing is off limits. Grab your hairbrush microphone and sing into it like you’re Britney Spears via 1999.

2) Dance, like it’s going out of style.
You whip out moves you haven’t used in years and experiment with the new ones you’re too nervous to use in the club. Get it girl, dance like no one is watching (or snapchatting)!

What is a girl’s night without indulging in your favorite cheeses, chocolates and potato chips? The best part is calories are non-existent when you and your BFFs are together… right?

4) Gossip! Come prepared with lots of juicy stories.
This is the perfect opportunity to vent, exchange stories and talk about how crazy that new guy you’ve been seeing is. The best part is what happens at girl’s night, stays at girl’s night.

5) Lights, camera, action!
It’s movie time. Whether it’s the Princess Bride, Mean Girls or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, get your popcorn ready because it’s game on! No matter how many times you’ve seen these classics, they are still just as wonderful the 100th time seeing them.

6) Planning your next vacation. It starts out simple.
Maybe a road trip to the city, but as the music and wine set in your wanderlust grows! Next stop Europe? France, the U.K., Spain? Why not. Your girls and you are ready to conquer the world at this point.

7) Most importantly, WINE.
Friends FUN wine to be exact. You’ll have no problem gossiping with your girls over one of our delicious sangrias or moscatos.

No worries we also have you covered with our new coffee wine! No more excuses for being the first one to fall asleep. So grab a can and let the party begin!

Now round up the girls, hop in your favorite yoga pants and get ready for the perfect girls night in.

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