Keep The Fun (and Breakfast In Bed) Last Longer


Serving breakfast in bed to, your significant other, is probably one of the most romantic things you can do. Every woman would love to be served breakfast in bed, but there are a few things you need to know before you barge into the bedroom with your idea of the perfect breakfast so that you do not mess it up….plan ahead! Especially if you have kids at home, a romantic breakfast should not include shepherding kids. If you can’t send them away, find something to keep them busy, if not, mom is going to get out of bed to do the family thing and your romantic breakfast is out the window. Sunday morning is ideal, with no work in the way.

Plan ahead
Just a little hint; If you are planning to cook this breakfast yourself, don’t do that, it’s nothing like her entering the kitchen after you practically destroyed it. The romantic part of this breakfast in bed is not you cooking the whole breakfast thing, but the thought and planning you put into it. The beautiful vase of flowers you picked up the night before, those awesome bagels, from her favorite bakery that she loves so much, that special jam, (the expensive one) that she has to have. Don’t go squeezing the bedazzle out of an orange when there is perfectly good orange juice that someone has already squeezed for her and got paid for doing it.
 A beautiful bed tray with legs, covered with a pretty linen napkin, a couple of pieces of the good china, silverware, linen napkins, fluted glasses for juice and coffee cups, please don’t give her a mug and don’t set a newspaper on the tray for her or you to read. Muffins, bagels, jam, real butter, fresh fruit bowl with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and some of those dark red grapes would work amazingly. You can set this up the night before and don‘t forget sugar and fresh cream. If she like tea, find a small tea pot to hold her hot water and add the teabag just before serving her, with a small bowl of lemons. Add her favorite flowers for an extra smile.

Let her plan ahead too
Most everyone like pleasant surprises, don’t go surprising her by waking her up with a breakfast tray, as with most women who want to look exceptionally good for an occasion like this, she would not appreciate not having the opportunity to be sitting up in a pretty bed, hair done, a bit of blush and lipstick and definitely something a little more sexier than the tee shirt and shorts she might have slept in the night before.
Anticipation! Tell her that you would like to serve her a romantic breakfast in bed, and watch her go through a process of elimination as she clears everything out of the way, not for you, but for her, this will be her moment and she will seize it and not allow anything or anyone to spoil it for her. Telling her will give her the opportunity to do what she has to do to look like a queen languishing in bed waiting for her king.

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