Friends Hot Wine – Coffee Wine For The Holidays

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Enjoy A New Drinking Experience this Holiday Season
With FRIENDS’ Coffee Flavored “HOT WINE”

Miami, FL –December 8, 2014 – Following this past summer’s launch of the world’s first coffee flavored wine drinks — Friends Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Friends Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino, The Fun Wine Company is spreading holiday joy throughout the country with the latest in novel FUN WINE drinks: “HOT WINE.”

Founder and CEO of the company, Joe Peleg is suggesting to warm up the world’s first coffee wine innovation that received international buzz – specifically, the Cabernet Coffee Espresso. “For years people have been warming up cider, egg nog, Cognac, and mulled wine”, he says, “I invite you to experience a new sensation for the holidays, like never before, and create a memorable, fun time with your family and friends, while sipping a hot Cabernet Coffee Espresso, or use it to liven up your coffee!”

The new HOT WINE holiday treats are easy to make and offer two totally different experiences:
Cabernet Espresso Coffee: Pour Cabernet Coffee Espresso™ into a pot and heat it up to a temperature of 150F (Do not place the can itself in hot water). Pour into a cup and drink. For microwaving, pour into a cup and set the time for one minute. (Do not place the can in a microwave) Coffee Livened Up with Hot Cabernet Coffee Espresso: Add hot Cabernet Coffee Espresso to your cup of coffee in proportion to your own taste. We recommend 2 oz. for an 8 oz. cup of coffee (approx. ¼ of a The Cabernet Coffee Espresso features cabernet grapes, espresso coffee flavors and hints of chocolate.

The Chardonnay Cappuccino has chardonnay grapes, a vanilla cappuccino coffee flavor, as well as hints of chocolate.

At the Fun Wine Company, we believe that life should be fun, and the world is our playground. That’s why we created a new drink category that never existed before – FUN WINE™. We artistically mix wine and fruit flavors and we put it all in a can for you to have fun.

Friends Fun Wine® is The New Lifestyle Drink™ and The Alternative to Beer™ that we launched in mid-2013. It is emerging as the most innovative drink to hit retail shelves, restaurants, bars, hotels, stadiums and airlines this year. The low alcohol (6% ABV), low calorie line (75-95 calories per serving) includes Cabernet Coffee Espresso, Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino, Strawberry Moscato, Peach Moscato, Red Sangria and White Sangria, all imported from the EU.

Friends Fun Wine® comes in an attractive, convenient, portable and quick chilling 250 ml, 8.4 ounce aluminum can and is available at select retailers nationwide, including Walmart, K-Mart, 7-Eleven, Food Lion, Dollar Star, Save A Lot, Gate Petroleum, BP and more. The products are distributed through the nation’s top distributors, including Beer Capitol Distributing Co., Inc., Southern Wine & Spirits, Glazer’s, Monarch Beverages, Empire Distributing and Heidelberg. Our MSRP is $1.99 per can.

For more information, please visit or
For press inquiries, please contact: Limor Windt at The Fun Wine Company (954)394-

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