Friends Wine In A Can™ and Spirit Airlines Take the Inflight Experience to New Heights


New Wine Product and Category to Hit the Skies
Miramar, Florida (June 5, 2013) – Friends Wine In A Can today announced their partnership with Spirit Airlines. Starting this week, the company is serving its innovative, canned wine product on all Spirit flights. The “Fun Wine Collection” provides customers of legal drinking age the opportunity to experience new flavors such as Friends White and Strawberry Moscatos.

Friends Wine In A Can is entering the U.S. market, bringing a fusion of European style and thinking to the States and encouraging Americans to think outside the bottle. Consumers may have had wine and wine coolers, but Friends Wine In A Can is bringing a fresh way of thinking about wine in a new “Fun Wine” category. This new category is defined by delectable wine products in a convenient, environmentally-friendly container with six percent alcohol content.

“We are excited to introduce Friends Wine In A Can as a new ‘Fun Wine’ category with Spirit Airlines,” said Joe Peleg, Friends Wine In A Can CEO. “We believe that great tasting wine can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, and with Spirit Airlines we are taking wine to the clouds.”

“As the first airline to offer this new category of wines, we are pleased to roll out Friends Wine In A Can, providing a fun new experience for our customers,” said Scott Robillard, senior manager onboard experience for Spirit Airlines.

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