Miami Is Bringing “Fun Wine” To The World

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The Fun Wine Company expands national and international distribution with its line of flavored low alcohol, low calorie wines in a can drinks, including The World’s First Coffee-Wine

Aventura, FL (September 30, 2014), The Fun Wine Company, headquarter in Aventura, FL, is announcing national and international expansion of its distribution, bringing Fun Wine and The World’s First Coffee Wine to thirsty consumers around the world.
Latched a year ago, Friends Fun Wine is now available in 15 states, including: …in retailers such as:….
Recently, The Fun Wine Company announced key distribution deals with leading beer, wine and spirits distributors in Arkansas, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. In Milwaukee, The Beer Capital Of The World, the company partnered with Beer Capitol Co, distributors for MillerCoors, with the hopes that beer drinkers can look at Fun Wine as an alternative drinking experience.
Recently, Friends Fun Wine® grabbed national attention as the leaders of the new Fun Wine beverage category that’s changing the industry according to Beverage Industry Magazine( It’s not wine, it’s not beer- new trend shakes up beverage industry), and was featured in Yahoo!’s World’s Weirdest Foods list. Last month, The Fun Wine Company became an international sensation with the introduction of The World’s First Coffee-Wine.
Locally, Fun Wine was a spotlight attraction in the local Miami scene. Artopia, Miami Eats & Beats, Wynwood Gallery, SOBE Food & Wine, Magic City Casino and more. Miami is the launching ground for the brand and the Fun Wine Company’s global headquarters. The city also represents the inspiration for the fun portable wine concepts, as drinkers can take it to the beach, pool, boat rides, BBQ …the common lifestyle for Miami residents.
“The response and feedback by both retailers and consumers is positively overwhelming”. Says Joe Peleg, CEO of The Fun Wine Company. “We were looking to bring an innovation into the beverage industry and change the way people consume alcoholic drinks, enhance their experience, and upgrade their lifestyle. We see it happening faster than we could even imagine”.

Now 8 flavors strong, the company is growing in wine production, distribution and flavors, and Fun Wine is spreading around the nation, bringing the “Miami Fun” to wine consumers internationally.


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