Wine in a Can Now Flying on Spirit


ABC NEWS | Jun 7, 2013

Spirit, the airline known for every fee under the sun, has always charged for wine.  But now, brand new this week, Spirit will start charging passengers for wine that comes in a can.

Wine in a can? Yes, there is such a thing. It’s produced by the Miami-based company Friends Beverage Group, which produces such wine-in-can flavors as  Friends White and Strawberry Moscatos, both of which can now be enjoyed at 35,000 feet.

The company tag line? “When one cup is not enough … and a bottle is too much …  Friends Just Wine wine in a can.” The wine has a 6 percent alcohol content.

“We are excited to introduce Friends Wine in a  Can as a new ‘fun wine’ category with Spirit Airlines,” said Joe Peleg, Friends Wine in a Can CEO. “We believe that great tasting wine can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime and with Spirit Airlines we are taking wine to the clouds.”

The wine costs $7 per can, and  Spirit  said “value deals” of two for $12 or three  for $16 are available.

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